Yola reviewYola is a popular website building solution, and for good reason.

As with most of today’s website builders, Yola allows you to create a range of website types. So, whether you’re looking to build a blog, an online store or just a simple company website, Yola can provide the tools.

Yola also has some notable features which are not standard for website builders, including built-in email marketing.

Yola Features

Yola is packed with features.

Perhaps the most notable highlights, are; the ability to easily publish your Yola site to your Facebook business page, Facebook commenting and built-in email marketing. It also has the ability to integrate existing Tumblr blogs.

So, Yola is social network friendly and also packed a marketing punch, without any third party tools being involved.

On top of these features, Yola has a built-in photo editor, blogging and eCommerce capabilities.

Yola Price Plans

Yola offers up some very reasonable price plans, as well as a completely free plan for those looking to avoid investing. Here are all four Yola plans:

  1. Free
  2. Basic: $4.17 per month
  3. Professional: $8.33 per month
  4. Unlimited: $16.66 per month

Yola isn’t the cheapest website builder on the market, as that crown belongs to Weebly, but nevertheless, Yola serves up a starting price that almost matches Wix, which starts from $4.15 per month, whilst beating Squarespace and LightCMS who begin their premium plans from, $8, and $16 per month respectively.

However, it’s worth noting that Yola’s eCommerce features (courtesy of third-party tool Ecwid) come only with an additional $10 per month fee.

Who is Yola For?

Like most website builders, Yola is for those who want to build a good looking website quickly and easily.

There are a small selection of good looking templates, and a host of features to customize them. So, if it’s a simple blog or company website  you need, Yola is a solid choice.

However, although Yola offers eCommerce features via Ecwid, a third party tool which can be integrated, the additional costs make it a costly option when compared to competitors.

Yola Pros and Cons

Want a quick overview of Yola? Here are the highs and lows:


  • Yola makes good use of a drag-and-drop page building system, with a wide range of page elements.
  • As expected from any website builder, Yola is user friendly and makes website building easy for even the most inexperienced.
  • Yola has a built-in email marketing feature, Facebook publishing, Facebook commenting and Tumblr integration.
  • Blogging and eCommerce features are there to be used.
  • Built-in reporting and statistics.
  • Free Google Adwords and Facebook advertising credits for premium users.
  • Prices are reasonable, unless you want eCommerce features.


  • There’s nothing ugly about Yola’s interface, but it isn’t the prettiest of the bunch either.
  • Yola has a lack of templates, with only nine free templates on offer.
  • eCommerce features cost a further $10 per month on top of the usual monthly fees, which is quite a lot.


Yola is similar to Weebly and Wix in terms of simplicity, although I don’t think it quite matches them.

The tabbed interface is easy to navigate, and page elements (or widgets as Yola calls them) like images, text boxes, galleries, maps and forms are plentiful and simple to position using the drag-and-drop system.

It’s also impressive in terms of marketing options, with Facebook and Tumblr being given special attention, whilst built-in email marketing is an excellent feature to have out of the box. Blogging with Yola also seems to be easy, as it offers all the basic features needed to run a blog.

The added $10 per month for eCommerce features make Yola a poor choice for building online stores, but for everything else? It’s a great platform.

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