Wix is one of the biggest names in the website builder industry. Founded in 2006, Wix has over 53 million users across 190 countries. Wix gives users plenty of design flexibility without the need for coding or technical expertise. It also has superb SEO qualities and a highly rated App Market, home to over 180 apps.

It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and over 280 professional templates. Generally speaking, Wix templates are ideal for photographers and other professionals where high visual content is important, like clothing or food industries.

Wix Features

Much like its competitors, Wix focuses on simplicity, user friendliness and good looking end results.

Wix’s drag-and-drop interface makes it a piece of cake to position images, text boxes, slide shows, forms and much more. It also offers neat little visual extras like page animation.

One thing about Wix which makes it stand out, is its templates. Not only do they look great, but Wix categorises them brilliantly when you go to select one. You can filter through a long list of categories from Business to Creative Arts.

Then again, it’s probably fair to say that Wix should have a comprehensive template choosing screen. After all, once you select a template, there’s no way to switch to another one without starting from scratch.

Wix Pricing

As well as a completely free plan, Wix has four premium pricing plans. Here they are:

  1. Connect Domain: $4.15 per month
  2. Combo: $8.43 per month
  3. Unlimited: $12.68 per month
  4. eCommerce: $16.50 per month

Wix is very well prices, with only Weebly offering lower premium plans, which start from $3.29 per month.

Meanwhile, LightCMS begins at $19, Squarespace who start off at $8, and Yola begins at $4.17 – which is just a fraction more expensive.

Who is Wix For?

Wix is up there with the most simple and effective website builders on the market, and so if you’re looking to build your first ever website, Wix is a solid choice.

It has an App Store bursting with apps, a huge range of templates and a drag-and-drop page builder, meaning even a complete web design novice can use Wix to good effect. Text boxes, slideshows, galleries and maps simply slots in to place wherever you drop them.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to create a website with a big focus on images and visual effects, Wix is for you.

Wix Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick overview of Wix’s highs and lows:


  • Wix serves up a very user friendly interface and drag-and-drop system.
  • All 280+ Wix templates are well designed and responsive to mobile devices.
  • Page elements like images, forms, maps and so forth can be added quickly, and then dragged-and-dropped anywhere.
  • Wix offers users a huge amount of help and support across all its pages.
  • Blogging features.
  • eCommerce features.
  • Hude range of apps via the Wix App Store.
  • Wix hosts everything in the cloud, so there’s no technical set up to worry about.


  • Wix displays ads on your website when you use their free plan.
  • Once you build your website on one template, you can’t switch to another template.
  • Just like with Weebly and Squarespace, the eCommerce option is there, but it’s not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination. Plus, it’s on it’s own plan, so anybody opting for the Free, Combo or Unlimited plans will not have eCommerce features.


Wix is capable of building high quality websites, fast. Once you choose your template, Wix is easy to set up, customize and publish with. You can sell products, publish blog posts or simply build a professional website for a business. Wix can do it all.

I’m not a fan of offering eCommerce on a separate plan, nor do I like the fact that you can’t switch between templates, but nevertheless, Wix offers quality in almost every department.

So, thanks fine selection of very nicely designed templates and a world class support system, Wix is worthy competitor to any website builder.

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