There are hundreds of website builders to choose from which makes picking the best website builder a tough job.

When conducting our review we were looking for a website builder that was: easy to use, produced good websites, and had good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is important because it helps to tell search engines what your website is about and helps you rank higher in the results.

Recommended Website Builders

Weebly Website BuilderTry for free
Wix  Website BuilderTry for free
Squarespace Website BuilderTry for free
Yola  Website BuilderTry for free
LightCMS Website BuilderTry for free
Strikingly Website BuilderTry for free

Best Website Builder #1: Wix

Setup Your Website with Wix
If you read our website frequently you know we love Wix. Why? Wix has the best selection of website templates to choose from, the website builder is easy to use but very flexible, and best of all they are completely free.

Whether you want to build a shop, a website for your business, or just a personal website, Wix has a template for you. When you sign-up you get a free domain, 500mb storage space and bandwidth, and free support.

The only downside is that as it is free you don’t get a full domain e.g. “” instead it is “”. You also have a small Wix advert on your website, but this not much to ask for since you are getting everything else for free.

It is recommended once you try Wix you signup to one of their paid plans which are very affordable. This means you get your own domain, more bandwidth, more storage, and no Wix advertisements on your website. Overall they are the best website builder.

Free Website Builder #2: SquareSpace

best free website builder
Setup Your Website with SqbuareSpace
Whilst we love Wix, we also love SquareSpace, but in different ways. SquareSpace websites are creative, modern, and stylish, which are very suitable for clothing stores, coffee shops, art galleries…you get the idea.

Their templates are simply elegant and can adapt to any device. Out of all the website builders we have tried SquareSpace has the best mobile and tablet optimized templates, they really do look good on any device.

SquareSpace also gets the award for the best template editor. Once you pick a template you can literally make it into anything you want; the editor allows you to easily expand and delete sections in seconds.

The downside? It is not completely free. The free trial lasts 2 weeks which you then need to choose a paid plan if you want to keep your website. If you want a high quality website then you ultimately get what you pay for.

Free Website Builder #3: Moonfruit

Setup Your Website with Moonfruit

Moonfruit is also another contender and one that deserves to be named. It is hard to pick something that is completely unique about Moonfruit compared to other website builders, so it comes down to what templates you like.

Moonfruit also offers templates for personal sites and businesses, as well as online shops. Unlike Wix, Moonfruit offer more “creative” types of templates that are similar to SquareSpace.

What we like most of all is their template website editor. Whilst it is more complex than the other ones we have tried, it gives you far more control over your website and is packed with features. If it is more functionality you are after Moonfruit is a good choice.

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