Webhostingpad Hosting Review

Probably the cheapest hosting you will ever find online comes from Webhostingpad. They offer a “hassle free” hosting account for only $1.99 per month. This is super cheap and will do the trick for individuals, bloggers and small businesses. Of course, there are reasons why we don’t put Webhostingpad in our top choices for hosting. If you just want the best possible price, choose Webhostingpad hosting.

However, if you want the best hosting, you need to choose a different company from our list of top hosting choices. They may offer free set up, no hidden fees and over $200 in free advertising credits, but they are certainly not the best in the business. It’s true, Webhostingpad is also not the worst. They host over 200,000 domains, so they know what they are doing, but you need to read the full review before you decide this is the company you want to host your websites with.

All the regular features are included and you will find they offer very similar choices compares to all the others shred hosting companies. There’s nothing to really make them unique, except the cheap price. Here’s a list of some of the features you get.

  • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth, Domain Hosting & Email Accounts
  • A Free Domain Name
  • cPanel Access
  • CloudFlare
  • SSD Database Storage
  • Free Transfer
  • Autoresponder
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Free Site Builder

These probably look familiar, if you’ve been shopping for hosting. Most shared hosting companies give you what Webhostingpad offers, but they charge double or triple the amount for the package. This is the advantage of Webhostingpad, they offer super cheap hosting. However, cheap hosting usually means there’s something wrong and if you are familiar with our blog at all, you know we don’t recommend this low of a price.

What’s the Catch?

The catch starts with the support and it’s very slow. They list it as award winning, but we want to put a question mark next to this because they don’t display their awards. They just state they’ve won customer service and support awards. Reading the online reviews will quickly show you this cannot possibly be true. Many say their support is very slow and not always reliable. They’ve even been accused of closing accounts without any type of warning.

We struggle to recommend Webhostingpad because of some of these issues, but there is a positive. They offer both shared and VPS hosting, which means you can upgrade without much issue. Their prices for VPS hosting are spot on for what you get and you can expect to get a very good account from their VPS choices. With three packages ranging from $9.95 to $49.95 per month, you are in good hands with their VPS hosting.

Customer Reviews of Webhostingpad

“Not worth my time or my money. They wouldn’t offer a refund and they cancelled my account without any warning. With poor performance, very little support and the issues I went through, I cannot recommend Webhostingpad hosting at all. In my mind, they are thieves.” – Milan G.

“Webhostingpad isn’t the worst host I’ve ever used, but they are not the best. I use many hosting companies due to the project type I am working with, and I can say with authority, many others offer better service and support. However, Webhostingpad are okay with their hosting and I do like their VPS hosting.” – Cindy Q.

“I found some pros and some cons from Webhostingpad hosting. Pros: Cheap, fast support response and easy to use. Cons: support not very helpful, hard to find and read the fine print, which they enforce, more downtime than necessary. For my money, I switched before the 30-day guarantee expired and they did offer me a refund. I was not happy with their service at all and would recommend any other hosting company” – Jane S.

What We Think, Overall about Webhostingpad

Overall, we are unable to Webhostingpad at this time because they’ve created a bad reputation and we simply don’t recommend bad hosting companies. We list the best of the best, but it’s also important to understand which companies to avoid. If you just want the cheapest hosting possible, Webhostingpad is a good choice because they are super cheap, but if you want great hosting, pay twice or three times as much for a better hosting company with great support.