WebHostingHub Review

Before we get into the entire review of WebHostingHub, you should know there’s no such thing as a 60% WebHostingHub coupon. This is a myth and a scam. The company has often clarified this, but some still try to convince people it exists so they can hack your computer. Don’t fall for this scam!

You don’t need a WebHostingHub coupon to get their best price. They don’t use these types of gimmicks to get customers. WebHostingHub believes in offering their lowest price to everybody, regardless of the coupon code you found online or didn’t find. This allows you to get top hosting without worrying about whether you could save money on the package or not. If you want great hosting, you can use this company to get exactly what you need.

The Easiest Way to Get Online

WebHostingHub claims they are the easiest way to get online and this is pretty true. They cater to beginners and use a simple cPanel making it very easy to use their hosting. You can figure out how it works in no time and navigating the tools is very easy. With their simple drag and drop website builder, you won’t need to worry about how easy or hard it is to put up your new website.

Other web hosting companies offer good tools, but WebHostingHub has made it clear, they want beginners to find it so easy to use their system that they become lifelong customers. Hosting can be very technical and it can get very hard for those that are not tech savvy. WebHostingHub takes the hard parts out of the process and makes it super easy for anybody to put up a website, fast.

Features of the WebHostingHub Package

WebHostingHub specializes in shared hosting, which is perfect for individuals, bloggers and small businesses. Most people will never need more than shared hosting and this is where any beginner will start. Here are the features you get with your WebHostingHub shared hosting package.

  • Unlimited space, bandwidth & domain hosting
  • Free domain, blogging software & premium website builder
  • Free blogging software & premium website builder
  • Easy control panel
  • 24/7 support
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

Whether you want to start a blog, website or online store, they give you all the tools you need with no additional charge. You can use Cube Card, Zen Cart or one of the many other tools to accept payments. They even fully integrate PayPal and Google Checkout for you. With this power and the Shared SSL Certificate, you don’t need to worry about anything. Most of the software can even be installed with just one click.

Additional Features from WebHostingHub

Not only do you get everything above, which you get from most hosting companies, but you also get blogging tools, forum software and much more. Enjoy full access to WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Geeklog and Moodle, along with PHPBB and Simple Machines Forum. These tools can help you create a fully integrated system with blog, website and forum. Your business can grow like never before.

You also get many other features including Linux OS, Python, Nucleaus, Custom Cron Jobs, Custom Error Pages, CGI support, PHPMyAdmin, Password protected databases, a free backup system, Unlimited FTP Accounts and so much more. Whether you need to track your stats, host images or you just need to create a basic website, the WebHostingHub shared hosting package gives you everything you need.

The WebHostingHub Website Builder

Using the premium website builder is so simple. If you’ve never made a website before, you can get one up and running in less than 5 minutes. Choose from over 500 templates and create animated flash intros, if necessary. You get everything you need to get a site up in a hurry.

We don’t recommend using any website builder if you want to create a custom website. You need a designer that can create your site for you and it’s better to use the scripts you get for your website design. This is better for SEO and it will allow custom options for your specific business. We recommend using WordPress because it will allow you to do many things without spending much cash.

WordPress comes free with your WebHostingHub hosting account and you will be able to do everything you want. The best part, you can use it for your website and your blog without much trouble. It’s very easy to use and there’s a tool/plugin for nearly anything you want to do. This will give you a better system than any site builder, but if you just need a quick website, the builder will work just fine.

WebHostingHub Support and Service

With 100% in-house US based supper, you can get your questions answered whenever you need. They even give you a database of 500 articles to help with some of the more common issues. If you cannot find the answer and you need someone immediately, they offer email, chat and phone support 24/7 to take care of your needs. You can use the forum or the ticket system to get any question answered fast.

Do we Recommend WebHostingHub?

Yes, we do recommend hosting from WebHostingHub, but they are not our top choice. However, since most of the best hosting companies are very similar, we feel good standing behind their shared website hosting package. If you want the best possible hosting for beginners, WebHostingHub might just be the answer you are looking for.

Customer Reviews of WebHostingHub

“When I set up my site Nick, from support, was so helpful. I was completely green and he explained things in a way I could actually understand. He got me up and running in no time and even pointed me towards a few forum posts that helped me with other parts to the project. I waited a few minutes for an answer, but once I got someone on the line, it was a great experience.” Don P.

“I’ve been in the hosting business myself, in the past, and always trusted WebHostingHub. They are one of the most reliable choices and their support team is great. The employees they hire really understand how to talk to individuals in need of help. I love the online chat feature and I am always able to get quick instructions for anything I need to do.” – Victoria R.

“WebHostingHub is without a doubt, my favorite. I actually own over a dozen hosting accounts for various reasons and with a number of hosting companies. I have three with WebHostingHub and they are my favorite. They always give me the best support and that’s what I need.” – J.B.