SiteGround Review (Shared Hosting): Is This Really The Best Web Host Right Now?

SiteGround ReviewIn this in-depth SiteGround review, I’m going to be looking at one the best web hosts around and try to explain as clearly as possible, why you should be using it for your site, blog or business.

Hosting is a minefield and there are dozens of top quality providers out there that will gladly take your money and offer you a good service in return. But only a handful can offer you an AMAZING service. SiteGround is one of them and you’re about to see why.


SiteGround Review
  • Software
  • Price
  • Support
  • Scaling
  • Uptime
  • Speed/Load time

SiteGround Review Summary

When I first came across SG, I thought to myself “Here we go again, another carbon copy web host, offering the same old shared hosting plans”. However I was very mistaken and quickly changed my mind after the first 20 minutes of using it.

The control panel was the first thing that stood out. Slick, custom designed and very easy to use, it was much better than anything I’d used up until that point. Whatever I needed to do it was within a couple of clicks, making setting up a test site a painless process.

Aside from the free third party and in-house apps, the thing that shocked most was the support. I had a handful of basic tester questions I ask for each host, along with a quick fix, just to see how they respond. Within 7 minutes I had everything answered and fixed, all with live chat.

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  • Easy to use custom UI control panel, making everything accessible within a few clicks
  • Shared, cloud, dedicated, enterprise, Joomla and WordPress hosting available
  • Phone, email and live chat support available 24/7 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Data centres in three continents, giving you speed and accuracy, with minimal to no downtime


Pricing varies depending on which package/service you choose AND which length of time you choose. You will receive a considerable discount if you pay for an entire year or more upfront as opposed to monthly payments.

The below price points are starting from the lowest package and you can choose to have your server in either the US, Europe or Asia.

  • Shared hosting: $3.95
  • Cloud hosting: $80
  • Dedicated hosting: $229 (Amazing value)
  • Joomla/WordPress hosting: $3.95 (Same setup as the shared server)

NOTE: Most people will start on the shared hosting package. The best thing about SiteGround is the ability to scale. If you feel as though you might scale and outgrow your package, go with cloud hosting.

The pros [The good stuff]

  • Control panel – It’s one of if not the nicest custom control panel for managed hosting out there. Very simple, clean and enjoyable to use. You don’t need any help using it.
  • 1-click installs – Super simple 1-click installs on tons of third party apps like WordPress, Magento and Drupal. Not to mention stats, forum and various other well known apps/scripts.
  • Caching plugins/features – SiteGround have their own caching plugin for WordPress called SG cache which helps your site running smoothly. They also have Super Cacher which has three levels of caching to speed up your site with just a few clicks.
  • Very scalable – Whether you get 10 visitors a day or a 100k. SG will be able to help you scale and migrate quickly. So no need to wait for days whilst your site grinds to a halt because of a bad server setup.
  • Amazing support – I use live support mostly, but phone and email are both top notch too. It’s the best in the business. The staff know what they are doing and enjoy their job (very RARE).
  • Staging sites – A very convenient feature is being able to copy your site over to a staging environment so you can run tests, configure themes and create content then copy it back over to live without ANY downtime. You will need the GoGeek package for this though.
  • Shared SSL – No more buying and configuring your own SSL certificates on the shared/cloud hosting packages. Just click one button and BOOM, you’re all secure. Cool right?

The cons [The bad stuff]

  • Limited traffic – On the lower packages you are limited by traffic, which you may outgrow if your site has traffic spikes. So it’s probably a could idea to use the bigger packages upfront. Unless of course you can’t afford it.
  • Limited domains – Silly that you can’t have unlimited domains on all packages, but the lowest is restricted to just one which is weird.

SiteGround Review: The bottom line

Um, that’s it! Seriously I couldn’t find anything else that I didn’t like about SG. They are superb at what they do. You may find that not to be the case though with other independent SiteGround reviews, so do your research and make a decision. Also take a look at our other web hosting reviews.

If you’re new to hosting and need more help than the average person, then you should choose these guys, they are fantastic with newbies and will help you with everything.

Even if you’re advanced SG offer packages to suit your needs, so go and geek out with them. You won’t regret it.


LAST UPDATE: This SiteGround review was last updated on 28/09/17 and will be updated multiple times as and when needed.

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