If you’re an avid Joomla enthusiast, then the chances are that you’re keen to get to know a little more about some of the hottest themes and templates around. We love a great Joomla template, and that’s why we’ve decided to put together this list of some of the most responsive, versatile and functional themes available – all of which can be downloaded right now with minimal cost and a wide range of uses.

Whether you prefer a more professional approach that emanates style and class, or if you like the look and feel of colorful, responsive websites that promote audience engagement and sales – you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at a collection of our favorites, all of which boast their own unique functions and features to suit a variety of requirements.

We hope you’ll enjoy the following best Joomla templates designs. Be sure to check out the demo content in full before making a purchase.

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Stamford – A Stylish Photography Joomla Theme

As far as cross-browser compatibility goes, the Stamford is certainly up there with the best of them. It’s responsive, easy to program and comes complete with Joomla compatibility all the way back to 2.5. It’s a little on the simple side, but that’s not a bad thing – especially when considering that the photographical possibilities are almost endless. Aspiring photographers and professionals hoping to showcase their skills and expertise in the image field will benefit the most from this template. Stanford is surely one of the best Joomla 3 templates.

Stamford – A Stylish Photography Joomla Theme

The Vision – Ideal for Non-Profit Organizations

Boasting a wide, 4 column display, multiple browser functionality – including Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox – as well as a fairly broad Joomla version compatibility, the Vision template is about as generous as they come. It’s not just the features that are packed to bursting point, the actual theme was developed to suit non-profit organizations looking for a professional layout to portray their messages – all for no more than $50. The Vision is on of the most prominent Joomla themes out there.

The Vision – Ideal for Non-Profit Organizations

ProBusiness – A Multifunctional Business Joomla Template

If multipurpose and reusable templates are more up your street, take a look at the ProBusiness theme. It’s fun, refreshing and offers a wide variety of demos. It’s only compatible with Joomla 3.4 however, so this may be a little limited as far as early-version users are concerned, but it’s more than made up for thanks to the powerful Bootstrap technologies backing the template up for an even greater functionality.

ProBusiness – A Multifunctional Business Joomla Template

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Spa and Beauty – A Template for Retail Salon Experience

Whether you work in the health and beauty industry, or if you’re looking for a stylish Joomla template for a client; you may want to check out the Spa and Beauty theme. It comes complete with VirtueMart compatibility, and thanks to its fully responsive design there’s no audience that wouldn’t enjoy learning a little more about what you or your client has on offer. If you work in beauty, check it out.

Spa and Beauty – A Template for Retail Salon Experience

The Coyote Joomla Theme

Businesses of all sizes could stand to benefit from the Coyote theme, and not just because of its incredibly affordable cost, considering the jam packed features. It’s responsive as mentioned above, and it’s usable for all versions of Joomla back to 2.5.5. As if that wasn’t enough, the high resolution display is further complimented by the variety of color scales that can be used, and the HTML options make customizing even easier.

The Coyote Joomla Theme

Mievent – Ideal for Musicians and Events

If you’re an aspiring musician looking for a template to showcase your music – then look no further. The Mievent (pronounced My Event) theme is packed with a layout to rival even the likes of MTV. There’s plenty of room to promote your latest track or event, and there’s even social media functionality to add that extra burst of audience engagement that all websites appreciate. The Bootstrap features make the site even more powerful, too.

Mievent – Ideal for Musicians and Events

deKor – A Stylish Interior Design Layout

Now here’s a template that would suit interior designers, architects and photographers in general. The deKor theme isn’t just your everyday design template; it’s actually a powerhouse of customization. From the color scheme all the way to the fonts and general imagery – there’s not a single aspect that can’t be tailored to suit your needs. What better way to demonstrate what you have to offer without having to go all out on other expensive themes.

deKor – A Stylish Interior Design Template

MotionFX – Responsive, Interactive and Engaging

This theme stands a full head and shoulders above the competition, and we’d even go as far as to say that it’s one of the most powerful Joomla templates of all time. As its name might suggest, it’s aimed at motion, animation and media in general. Thanks to the Bootstrap technologies behind the scenes, there aren’t many videos or multimedia resources that can’t be portrayed, and its responsive layout makes it even more enjoyable.


BigStream – A One Pager with Style

If one page websites are more your style, then the BigStream theme is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it responsive and multi-purpose, it would make a fantastic landing page for a massive variety of product types. It offers up to 4 columns for developers to take advantage of, and it’s ideally suited for users of Joomla 3.3.x and later. Throw in over 550 fonts to choose from, and you have an amazing responsive Joomla template.

Emma and Mason – A Beautiful Special Event Template

If you’re getting married or celebrating any other special event, then this template is perfect for you. With “Emma and Mason” you can choose from a selection of beautiful layout features that bolds out all the important details about your special day. You have an option to use a custom countdown script that comes with the design. The S5 quick contact module will get your guests to RSVP easily. You can also showcase a nice selection of photos and add any text which helps to create a personal and special website.

(M)Social Media

This Social Media oriented template has great visuals and style.
You can personalize the social grid however you like, change the size of each block and display any content you want and it’ll all adjust to any screen size as it’s 100% responsive.
In addition, there are a few custom HTML elements you can use for your front page that really highlights the important features of your website.

We Finance – Let’s Talk Business

״We Finance״ is a modern template suited especially for corporate businesses.
The homepage has a very professional look and the inner pages provide important features for a corporate feel. This template has an easy and quick set-up so you can have your site up and running in no time. There’s a responsive layout design that ensures your website will look amazing on any device, whether in landscape or portrait mode.

Imbus – A Multi-Functional Template

A beautiful, clean and minimalist template that can serve any purpose, if it’s a business, corporate or creative website. Imbus is fully responsive and works great on any device. It’s easy to personalize with the many options you can choose from. The setup is very user-friendly which allows you to create the website you want rapidly.
No wonder this simple yet highly impressive design attracts many visitors.

Real Estate – Best Showcase of your Real Estate Business

If you’re running a hotel or own a real estate business, this template is ideal for you. Real Estate emphasizes the visuals, which plays a huge part in this type of business. It offers a beautiful image slider on your homepage that displays your business in a perfect way.
The simple page design makes it very easy for your customers to find all the information about your hotel or real estate business that they need.

And that brings up to the end of this collection, what do you think about the themes featured on our list? Have you tried any of them yourself? If so, why not share your thoughts and comments as we’d love to hear more.

If you haven’t found the right Joomla template for you, be sure to check out our list of Best WordPress Themes and Templates, you might find what you’re looking for there.

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