Liquid Web Review

Perfect For Scaling Websites With Above Average traffic spikes.

Like the look of Liquid Web but not sure if they are right for you? In this in-depth Liquid Web review we look at what kind of host they are and if they are a good fit for you.

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They have a reputation for high-end web hosting that will no-doubt be attractive to anyone who is serious about their online business.

But is that reputation deserved, and should you choose this provider for your hosting? We look into all the pros and cons, right here.

Liquid Web Review Summary

If you’re reading Liquid Web reviews, you’ll probably already know that this is not the best provider for shared hosting. Where this company shines is offering powerful, flexible solutions to serious players like their current customers, Porsche and National Geographic.

While this host’s prices are higher than others offering dedicated servers and VPS cloud hosting, they really do offer a reliable base that a company can grow from: the available power, storage and customisation will ensure that you’ll be covered no matter which direction your needs take.

Security is good, with SSL, anti-malware scans and firewalls included in some packages, and an optional extra in others. You can pick the perfect security solution for your unique requirements, saving cash on things that aren’t relevant.

Dedicated servers are available with single or dual processors which are ideal for large scale resellers. The top package includes advanced DDoS protection, Guardian backups and a Cisco ASA 5506-X hardware firewall, so you can relax knowing that you are well protected.

If you are looking to keep costs lower, managed VPS hosting offers both speed and performance. Features include a choice of 40-300GB of SSD disk space, optional load balancers and integrated backups. Even better, an independent review by Cloud Spectator ranks Liquid Web’s VPS speeds at up to 200% faster than competitors’ servers.

Liquid Web is one of the best top-end web hosts out there. If you’ve got the money to spend, you won’t be disappointed with the service these guys will give you.

BEST FOR High traffic sites that need a secure and managed setup, without needing to worry about configuring anything themselves.

Features: What You're Getting

Pricing: What's The Cost?

Liquid Web are aiming their services squarely at the medium to large website market so you won’t find shared hosting in their range of offers. For serious players, they offer top-class reliability and support across a massive range of packages.

Quick Note Liquid Web have a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee. Any broken part will be swapped out within 30 minutes of the problem being discovered.

Pros: The Good Stuff

Data Centres - 4 in the US, 1 in Amsterdam. Given the choice most people go with the US, but it’s nice to be given the option right?

Uptime -100% uptime guarantee. Most companies still only have a 99% guarantee. So this is un heard of.

Customer service/loyalty - Rated #1 for customer loyalty and excellent support service. That track record has made thousands of customers signup and stay for years. They really DO CARE.

Clients - Focused on large to medium clients, so well adapted to serve their market. Probably not the best if you’re just starting out and need basic hosting.

Cons: The Bad Stuff

Price - Not the cheapest, but you should expect to pay more for specialised service.

Hosting types - Shared hosting is better catered for elsewhere (See our top shared hosts here).

A2 Hosting Review: The Bottom Line

Choose a dedicated server or go for managed cloud VPS hosting: either choice from this provider will get you a fast and dependable service. The options for customising your setup are endless, making Liquid Web the ideal host for companies requiring specialised solutions.

But, even if your needs are more on the technical side, there’s no need to worry about getting into difficulties: you’ll always have rapid access to the excellent support this host is well-known for.

Liquid Web is the right choice for businesses looking for a responsive, powerful and reliable online space. If you’re not a business, you should consider looking at some of our other highly rated web hosts.

Host with Liquid Web
Price: $59/mo
Load time: 829 milliseconds
Uptime: 100%
Support: Live chat (~2m), email (~30m), phone (~3m)
Host with Liquid Web
Editor notes: Managed hosting is growing in demand these days and this lot have perfected their services to the point where you don't need worry about a thing.
Last update: 11th March 2018