GreenGeeks Hosting Review

When we looked at GreenGeeks hosting to write this review, it was easy to understand why they attract so many customers. They are the greenest hosting company you will find and you won’t find any other company. Their focus and commitment is to use only clean energy as GreenGeeks. CEO Trey Gardener has over a decade of experience in the hosting industry. They provide you with a great package without any worry of using precious energy supplies.

Founded in 2006, GreenGeeks provides hosting for over 100,000 websites and they offer shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting for beginners and experience professionals. Whether you run a small business or you want to get involve with an internet marketing business, you can use GreenGeeks to get your first website up and running fast. They provide a 300% green hosting package allow you to feel good about using them, as well.

Host With Greengeeks

300% Green Hosting

All customers get 300% green hosting when they choose GreenGeeks. This is more than 100% or even 200%. Most hosting companies use 100% green hosting, but 300% is three times as green. You might be wondering how this is possible and that’s understandable. Hosting companies don’t actually use wind energy, in most cases, but they buy wind power credits to offset the energy they use.

GreenGeeks replaces three times the energy they use with wind power. This makes them greener than HostGator, iPower, iPage, FatCow, HostMonster and BlueHost. Most companies replace their power by purchasing wind credits for all the energy they use, but no other company replaces the energy three times over. If you want to run an environmentally responsible website, hosting it with GreenGeeks is the best way.

Are they Reliable?

Often, when faced with a decision between different products for your business, you might wonder what the catch is, especially if a hosting company is 300% green. You might think this could affect how reliable they are, but with GreenGeeks, reliability isn’t an issue. You can use their hosting without any worries. They use Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 array technology and they backup their servers daily.

Uptime isn’t an issue as they provide 99.99% uptime, just like any other hosting company. The support team is quickly on the case with any issue and most issues they could run into won’t affect your site at all. Rarely do customers from GreekGeeks worry about downtime. This is quite amazing considering they are 300% green.

The Only Bad Thing

The one bad thing some might find with GreenGeek is when they were established. In the hosting industry, they are one of the newer companies (out of the larger choices) and many hosting companies are at least a decade old.


  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free domain name for life, starter site, migration and site builder
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Free Website Scripts
  • Unlimited Add-on and Subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • CGI library
  • Spam Assassin Protection
  • And much more!

Web Hosting Plans Offered

They offer a complete shared hosting package, along with VPS, Reseller and dedicated server hosting. You get all the scripts you need including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP Nuke, PHPBB, Mambo, Python and many more. They also give you ecommerce features including three shopping cart choices (Agora, Zencart and OS Commerce), an SSL secure server and open PGP/GPG Encryption. You even get support for streaming both video and audio.

What it all comes down to with GreenGeeks hosting is the price and what you get. They are super green, which makes it easy to choose their hosting. But how do they stack up against other hosting companies. Well, they offer a similar, if not better, package for shared hosting and they are very competitive on all other hosting fronts. We like them because they allow you to upgrade as your business grows, unlike FatCow and other companies just offering shared hosting.

Customer GreenGeeks Hosting Reviews

“After using hosting for nearly 5 years, I switched from HostGator to GreenGeeks when HostGator sold out. I was struggling to keep my sites up with HostGator and I really wanted a new hosting company. I researched the options and loved that GreenGeeks offered 300% green hosting, so I tried them out. Now, I am hooked and they’ve provided me with the best support I’ve ever experienced and all the features I need” – Andy B.

GreenGeeks Review: The Bottom Line

“I was looking for hosting for my small business and I am a tree hugger, so green mattered to me. When I found GreenGeeks and realized they are the greenest hosting company on the planet, I decided to give them a shot. They have provided me with more than I could ever ask for and my business is soaring thanks to the great staff at GreenGeeks hosting.” Ron M.

“They go above and beyond with support and features. That was the first thing I noticed and as a newbie to the world of websites, I had no idea what I was getting into. Their support helped me out in many ways and the site builder made it super easy to get my website up and running.” Anne M.