Free Web HostingFree web hosting is ideal for small ventures and student projects. It has two major advantages over paid services: It’s free and it requires no long-term commitment. This makes it ideal for people with limited budgets and short-term projects. People use free hosting to accomplish these and other goals:

  • Present student projects
  • Create sample web pages for business proposals
  • Advertise special events
  • Promote a new small business
  • Augment an established business’s online presence

Top Three Free Web Hosting Services

Free hosting is not meant for every situation. Some common disadvantages of free web hosts include light security and a limited array of compatible programming languages. Still, free web hosting options are better than they used to be. Each of the free hosting sites presented below offers excellent uptime, has exceptional templates or otherwise outshines the competition.


Triple-Zero Webhost is named for its absolutely free hosting service. This business stands out for having a 99% uptime guarantee and for achieving nearly 99.9% uptime on most of its servers. Besides that, you can enjoy this service without adding banners or other advertisements to your pages.

Free hosting includes 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB of data transfer per month. As your website and traffic grow, you can choose to upgrade to unlimited data space and bandwidth for less than $5/month.

Note: Only a subdomain name is included with Triple Zero’s free hosting. If you don’t own a domain name you’ll need to use a 000Webhost subdomain or purchase a domain elsewhere. Hosting


Wix Hosting

Literally flashy with its smooth Flash intro, captures any visitor’s attention with its display of possible designs. After you click the big yellow button though, you learn that your free website will have a subdomain name. That’s fine for amateur work but isn’t appropriate for many professionals. Visual artists might especially like this webhost though; several of the Wix templates can highlight artwork beautifully.

Signing up with Wix is truly quick and easy. Just enter your email address, make up a password, and start choosing from the free templates immediately. You’ll get a selection of professional-looking templates that are very user friendly.


free web host

The user-friendly advertises, “Start free. Go premium when you’re ready.”

What do you get for free? After a very simple signup process you get access to attractive templates with names like Fashion, Crafty, and Hipster. Then you simply check a few boxes to create your website’s basic architecture (Home, About Us, Blog, and so forth).

The free web design process at is intuitive for those who are familiar with Microsoft Word. Basic design requirements include typing, hitting icons to format text and images, and dragging items to the desired area of your web page. Plugins for Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are included. They honestly couldn’t be easier to incorporate.

Free Web Hosts: The Bottom Line

Finding good quality free web hosts isn’t easy. Many free hosting services have cumbersome sign-up processes, use suspiciously poor English or have crummy templates. Save time by starting with the three free sites advertised above. Try 000 Webhost if you’re very concerned about uptime, check out Wix for flashy templates, and see for creative control in a Word-inspired format. When your online venture starts to enjoy success, you can upgrade to paid hosting with any of these providers.

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