BlueHost Reseller Hosting Could Be Just What You Need

If you are like many today who want to try their hand at web hosting and can’t possibly afford the web servers and other intrinsic hardware and software it takes to manage them then there is an easy way to achieve this goal. There are web hosting firms that offer reseller hosting programs that can be quite beneficial to an individual such as you. While there are many web hosting firms out there it is recommended you take on a quality firm like BlueHost.

BlueHost has been in the hosting business since their inception in 1996. It is this longevity and perseverance that makes them one of the best in the biz today. They constantly strive to bring their clientele a better grade of services and amenities while keeping costs at a minimum. This allows them to maintain a competitive edge while they pass the savings on down to you. And with their well trained and capable support staff, you can rest assured you will be in good hands from start to finish.

BlueHost Reseller: Webmasters And Site

If you are new to the world of reseller hosting from BlueHost or otherwise, it helps to understand what its primary uses are. The two most popular uses are website flipping and start up web hosting firms. Here we will explore these two profitable ventures and how reseller hosting plays a part in them.

Website Flipping

Website flipping is as it sounds. When “flipping” a website you are essentially creating a turnkey operation for someone to take over while you manage the daily operations. Not only can you profit from the management of the website but from the monthly hosting fees you charge as well. Most site flippers make the management a part of the monthly fees they charge their clientele.

Your Own Reseller Web Hosting Firm

As a reseller you are generally tasked with handling the complaints and issues your clients face. It will be your job to field these complaints and issues and address them as they arise. You are essentially a liaison between your clients and the hosting firm. This is the most common use of this type of hosting package.

Though you can make even more money from your customers from your resold hosting space, you can make even more when you offer them managed services as well. You can choose how involved you want these managed services to be. Also what they will cost in comparison to un-managed services. Either way, with the proper marketing strategies in place and ample determination you can find a great deal of success as a reseller host with the appropriate skill set and pricing. This can be easily achieved with an affordable BlueHost reseller package.

The Ins And Outs Of The BlueHost Reseller Plan

BlueHost offers a variety of reseller packages that are sure to meet your needs. Each of their comprehensive and capable reseller packages comes with unlimited domains, sub-domains, cPanels, MySQL databases FTP accounts and email addresses. You can also expect private name servers, free billing systems, spam protection, website builders, simple scripts and multiple languages. So let’s take a peek under the hood of these affordable and competitive BlueHost reseller hosting packages.

Sky Blue

This is the most cost effective reseller package they BlueHost has to offer. Here you can expect 100 gigs of server space with a 15 Mbps transfer speed. Not to mention the fact that you have unlimited accounts as well as a free domain. This affordable reseller plan comes in at $29.00 a month and is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the reseller market. This is an excellent package for novices and veterans alike.

Electric Blue

All of the same freebies and bells and whistles are available in the electric blue package with some added features. Here you will have 250 gigs of server disk space as well as a 25Mbps transfer speed. This is nearly double the space and speed of the sky blue plan. It also boasts unlimited accounts and a free domain name as well. This drastically improved version of the BlueHost reseller plan comes in at $49.95 a month. With nearly double the features this is an excellent plan for those with a little more knowledge of web hosting.

True Blue

The pinnacle of their reseller hosting market, the true blue package will offer you all of the same amenities as its predecessors. With an increased disk space and transfer speed as well. Here you will get a massive 500 gigs of server disk space as well as a blistering 35Mbps transfer speed. The same unlimited accounts and free domain name perks are also at play here.

Ultimately we find that BlueHost is a trusted and well known hosting firm with nearly two decades in the business. This longevity in their field proves that they are here to stay and capable of offering you the hosting solutions appropriate for your needs. So give BlueHost a closer look., you may find that they are just what you need to get your reseller hosting business off the ground and turning a profit.