Setting up your own online store has never been so easy. With the ability to create a store with BigCommerce, you won’t need to worry about all the technical coding. Creating a store from scratch isn’t easy and it can be very expensive. However, with the help of BigCommerce, you can create an attractive online storefront without wasting hours of your time. It’s simply one of the easiest ways to sell online.

Bigcommerce review

With an optimized online store from BigCommerce, you can use the many features they offer. They allow you to customize everything, which will attract more customers and help you convert traffic into sales. Our complete BigCommerce review will introduce you to the many advantages they offer to help you create and improve your online store.

BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce offers everything you need to create a store that acts much like eBay and many of the other popular ecommerce sites. Creating a store with functionality much like other sites consumers use, makes it very easy for visitors to understand how to make a purchase and they will convert at a higher percentage. Here’s a list of some of the other featured offered with your BigCommerce package.

Features of BigCommerce

  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Product Catalog
  • Payment Gateway
  • CRM
  • Marketing Tools
  • Reporting
  • Mobile-Optimizing
  • Email Accounts

With this set of features, you can optimize your store and make it easier for consumer to find on major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. From customized URLs, robot.txt files and meta tags to sitemaps and other necessary SEO tools, you can find yourself at the top of the search results for your specific keywords faster.

BigCommerce also allows you to implement social media strategies in the easiest way possible. Take advantage of using discounts and coupon codes through social medial integration, newsletters and many other methods. They give you plenty of marketing tools to help you get the word out and drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Combining Design and Functionality

Big commerce marketing tools

The design of your store matters and you get to choose from dozens of free themes to help give you a professional look customized specifically for your business. You can us the store showcase feature to make your site look even better. When you combine the professional look BigCommerce provides with the marketing tools and the ability to accept credit cards, PayPal, use Google Checkout and up to 60 other payment gateways, you gain a very powerful online store for your products.

The best part, there’s never a transaction fee with BigCommerce. This means you don’t need to worry about losing some of your profits and you can keep your prices low. Customize your products completely and set prices your customers will love, while still making a sizable profit.

Security and Support

accept credit cards
Another very important part of any online store is the security you pass on to your customers and the level of support you get from your hosting company. With BigCommerce, you will find many positive reviews about their support team and they give you bank level security. All BigCommerce stores are PCI compliant and they employ hacker deterrent provisions to ensure you never have an issue.

With a network architecture including hardware firewalls and plenty of redundancy, you don’t need to worry about your security. They boast a 99.99% uptime track record and you won’t need to worry about hackers. This is one of the most secure hosting companies you will find for online stores and they really take security seriously. You can proudly display the security icons to put your all your customers at ease.

The support team provides some of the best benefits you can find in the industry. They give you easy to use tutorials to help you get started, along with regular online seminars. You can learn all the ins and outs of their system without any trouble. Once your store is up and running, they also offer you plenty of support to ensure you don’t experience downtime or any issues causing you to lose money or customers.

Here’s What Some Users Say about BigCommerce

“I went from Pro stores to BigCommerce about 6 months ago because of downtime issues and I’ve never been happier. I can say the support is amazing and they’ve always been there when I need them. With Pro stores, I was averaging about 3.2% in conversions, but with BigCommerce I’ve nearly doubled that rate. The store was easy to set up and only took me, a novice, about an hour to get it going. They every helped me by calling with ideas to help me improve my store. “- Rodney G.

“After opening my small business with some success, it was time to expand to the online world. I was scared my investment wouldn’t pay off, but thank goodness, I chose BigCommerce. They saved my business and helped me expand into markets I couldn’t reach from my store.” – Sarah F.

“Choosing BigCommerce to host my online store was the best decision I ever made. They offer so many easy to use tools and I’ve only taken advantage of a handful, so far. My site is always up and for the price, they are the best!” – Francis C.


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Overall, BigCommerce is considered the top choice in the industry for your online store. They provide you with everything you need to attract buyers and turn them into life-long clients. If you want a great looking online store with the ability to function in any way you prefer, BigCommerce is the only way to go. It’s easy to see why our BigCommerce review is so positive once you start using their system and we give them five-stars.

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