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Top WordPress Hosts 2018: TRIED AND TESTED

Want to know what the best WordPress hosting companies are but have no idea where to start? After several reviews we've got the rundown on the most popular providers right now.

If you’re still undecided, then wait until you read everything on this page and then make a decision. You’ll save a ton of hassle and frustration, we promise.

Here’s our rundown of the absolute best WordPress hosts right now.

  1. Best Hosts Right Now for WordPress

  2. Why are these the Best WordPress Hosting Companies?

  3. What is WordPress Hosting and how it works (for Non-Techie Folks)

  4. Who Should use a WordPress Host? (Seriously)

  5. WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting (or Dedicated)

  6. WordPress Hosting FAQ’s

  7. Best WordPress Hosting Plans: The Bottom Line

Best WordPress Hosting in 2018

Every site below has been through our in-depth review process and passed. Our team has spent several hours reviewing every aspect of each provider to end up ranking them.

1. WP Engine: THE BEST by far, but very pricey

When it comes to expertise in WordPress hosting, you want to go with a provider that are the market leaders and known for their knowledge/skills. WP Engine are those guys and they offer the BEST hosting for WordPress. Everything they do is top quality.
Best for If you don't mind spending a little more for the best WP hosts around. These guys are awesome.
Host with WP Engine
Price: $35/mo
Load time: 378 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~2m), email (~1h), phone (no phone)
Editor notes: WP Engine's support is incredible. They will address any issue inside of a few minutes. The cost is high, but the tech is rock solid.

2. Bluehost: Easy 1-click WP installs

Great support, cheap and an in-depth knowledge when it comes to WordPress hosting. They surprised us to when it came to the speed tests as they aren’t known for their speed. The UI/control panel is easy to use so you will be up and running in no time.
Best for Anyone looking for industry leading support and top speeds.
Host with Bluehost
Read our full in-depth review
Price: $6.95/mo*
Load time: 564 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~3m), email (~2h), phone (~5m)
Editor notes: Bluehost are very trusted in the industry due to their ability to adapt over time. Great support, fantastic server setup and very affordable.

3. A2 Hosting: Awesome support with a very fast WP setup

Very popular these days, A2 Hosting is gaining ground on a lot of the other more established hosts. Although not a specialist in WP hosting. They are still front runners and know how to setup a super fast, secure and stable hosting environment for it.
Best for eCom site owners that have a need for the fastest servers around.
Host with A2 Hosting
Read our full in-depth review
Price: $3.92/mo
Load time: 502 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~3m), email (~2h), phone (~4m)
Editor notes: Very easy to use and refreshing to see shared hosting at these kind of speeds. They really set the standard.

4. HostGator: WP hosting that never ever fails

If price if your main priority but you still want to get a lot for your money, then you should give HG a try. They are superb at simplifying even the most annoying tasks and allowing you to get everything setup with just a few clicks. A great first time host for anyone.
Best for People looking for speed and support, but who are also conscious of spending too much.
Host with HostGator
Read our full in-depth review
Price: $4.95/mo*
Load time: 492 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~2m), email (~1h), phone (~4m)
Editor notes: I love HostGator, they are great in almost every area and perfect for most needs, their UI is easy to use, so awesome for non-techies.

Why are these the Best WordPress Hosting Companies?

Best WordPress Hosting

Since the rise of WP and the demand for specialised hosting, we’ve seen a bunch of companies try to provide robust and affordable hosting specifically for the popular CMS (content management system).

However most have failed, which has caused the best providers to stay at the top for a while. There are many factors that allow us to choose the top hosts, here’s what we are looking for with each company:

Dedicated support

What is more frustrating than not knowing how to fix a problem and nobody qualified or available to help you? Nothing! That’s why support is such an important factor for us when determining a host.


Money is a big talking point when considering a provider for most people. It’s all well and good having the fastest WordPress hosting, but if you can’t keep up with the monthly payments, then there’s not much point is there?

Quick Note Don't make the same mistake a lot of people make and go with the cheapest host you can find. Cost is a big factor but as the saying goes... "You get what you pay for". So try and find a middle balance.

Fast setup

When you sign up, you want your account ready and your site/blog up within minutes. Back in the day, this used to take hours (sometimes up to 24 hours!). Nowadays it’s much faster, but some hosts still take their sweet time about setting accounts up.

Easy to use

The majority of folks have no idea what DNS, uptime or bandwidth is. So why confuse them any further? Doing anything on your server should take seconds and be available within a couple of clicks... MAX!

Superior features

The more features, the better experience you will have. Each host needs to have a bunch of vital features (SSL certificates, uptime guarantees, managed servers, dedicated support teams, etc) before we will even consider them.


What is the most important thing a host can provide you? Some say it’s security, others say it’s unlimited bandwidth. But the reality is, your site is useless if it’s not even online. So uptime is a BIG one for us to look for with every host.

What is WordPress Hosting and how it works (for Non-Techie Folks)

A while back, some smart techy people realised that WordPress was becoming really popular, but also that a lot of folks were running it on servers that weren’t configured to handle certain WP tasks.

This meant that most people had their WP sites or blogs running on a server that wasn’t built specifically for WP. Thus causing their site to load slowly, hang or use up their account bandwidth without them even knowing.

So those very smart people decided that they would build a server that was designed to only host WP sites on, this would help the sites/blogs to load super fast, use up less server resources and actually save the customer money in the long run.

And boom... WordPress hosting was born.

Quick Note If your site is completely WP based, then it’s the most obvious option to choose a server or hosting plan that’s designed for WP only. Think of it like this... if you had a Tesla, do you think it’s better to take it to a Tesla approved garage or any old garage where they fix all sorts of cars?

The Good

Servers are custom built and configured to handle WP files only, giving your site or blog (even eCommerce store) that extra kick.

Simple to setup if you choose the right host. Otherwise you will need to be a server geek that knows exactly how to configure things.

Cheap if you choose a host that doesn’t specialise in just WP hosting. Less resources used, meaning you save a ton of money over the year.

Security is paramount, experts will take care of hacking vulnerabilities and loopholes without you needing to worry.

The Bad

If you go with a dedicated specialist that only offers the best managed WordPress hosting available, you will be paying a lot.

You can’t really host anything else other than WP files if it's a dedicated WP host.

Who Should use a WordPress Host? (Seriously)

Put simply, anyone who wants to get the most out of their WP site. If you’re serious about making your site or blog crazy fast, secure and cost efficient, then you should use a WP specific plan.

These types of plans don’t differ too much from the traditional server setup, aside from some advanced server configuration, that you really don’t need to worry about.

You have two options depending on one thing... MONEY!

WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting (or Dedicated)

If you run a blog, site or eCommerce store that’s pretty small and unknown. You really won’t notice any issues in speed or cost.

But if you run a much larger site, with hundreds (or thousands) of pages/posts then the best hosting for WordPress is dedicated, you will notice a big difference in speed and scalability.

Quick Note There are tons of things you can do secure and speed up larger WP sites, if you’re reluctant to upgrade to the best. So don’t worry too much.

WP hosting will be able to load your pages faster, because it’s configured to fetch the right files at the right time. Shared hosting or normal servers that host all types of files/assets will be noticeably slower as they cater to a “one size fits all” approach.

Not only that but, with regular hosting you can run the risk of being exposed to security threats more than you would if you went with an expert WP host.

WordPress Hosting FAQ’s

Can’t see your question below? Don’t worry, just get in touch with us and our team will be more than happy to help by answering it.

I don’t have a lot of money, is there any free WordPress hosting?

Yes, you can get free WordPress web hosting, however it's highly recommended that you don't because it... well... sucks. You don't get anything free in life right?

So if you go for this kind of hosting, then you will be paying for it in some way. Either through ads displayed on your site or maybe by paying at a later date. Either way, it's unmanaged and likely going to cause you problems down the road.

Are dedicated WP hosts more secure than regular hosts?

Not always. When you have a dedicated expert host dealing with WordPress and nothing else you are paying for a pro, that means your site and it's security are in their best interest. They will have more experience in every type of WP problem than the regular hosts that deal with WP on the side.

PRO TIP Always install a caching plugin like WP Cache and a security plugin like Sucurri, to reduce any real threats to your site and to speed everything up.

Best WordPress Hosting Plans: The Bottom Line

So you’ve been through all the top WordPress hosts above and you still can’t make your mind up right? Well it comes down to this... what’s the most important thing to you... speed, money, security? Or everything?

If you are low on money, then you should go for an all-rounder host like SiteGround. If you have the money and want premium hosting like WP Engine, then the dedicated experts are perfect for you.

But... don’t forget:

Most hosts these days (especially the ones we’ve vetted above) are incredibly secure, fast and reliable, so whichever you go with, the chances of your site being hacked or your site being so slow that people leave are very slim.

Not happy with our list? Let us know what you think the best web host for WordPress is and we might just include it in our list, if it passes our rigorous review process that is :)