Best eCommerce Hosting

Choosing a hosting plan for your online store is a mission critical decision. If you plan on doing business online you need to have the right protection and business tools in place. An ecommerce hosting package will have all of the appropriate tools right there at your disposal.

The eCommerce industry has evolved quickly over the last decade. It is difficult for entrepreneurs to find the best ecommerce hosting companies to host their online stores. HostChecka guide helps entrepreneurs find their ideal web hosting match. The success of your e-based business depends on it.

Top List of eCommerce Hosting Companies

Compatible eCommerce Software

The hosting service should be 100% compatible with the most popular eCommerce software including:

  • Open Chart is an open source and PHP-based online shopping cart system. It is a robust solution for Internet merchants. It helps users create an online business and participate in eCommerce at a minimal cost.
  • Presta Shop is a free eCommerce software containing more than 310 features and hundreds of themes. It allows users customize the shopping cart as they want. It is also easy to install in any hosting package of InMotion hosting.
  • OsCommercee is a great eCommerce application which offers a wide range of features that help setup online stores quickly and easily.
  • WHMCS is an all-in-one application for online business, integrating with management, billing and support. It controls everything from register to maintenance, including automated billing, configuration and management.
  • Magento is an open source eCommerce application.
  • Zen Cart is a free and user-friendly shopping cart application.
  • BoxBilling is a free billing software as well as client management, billing and support software.
  • PhpCOIN is a free web ware package designed to help resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes, etc.

Best Ecommerce Hosting

Websites that have products or services to sell online will need to find the best ecommerce hosting server. When you are looking for the best ecommerce hosting server they should be able to offer your customers a secure shopping environment. Your customers want their private information protected, they want to be able to browse your web site easily and receive the information effectively, and they want to place their order quickly. When you find an ecommerce web host that can give you these items then you have found the best ecommerce hosting server.

Features that you should be looking for in an ecommerce web host besides disk space and bandwidth should include email accounts, auto responders and email forwarding, support for mailing lists, databases, content management, blogging and forums. The most important feature though is to have the website secure and be customer friendly. You should have access to at least one shopping cart; however, if you can find one that is priced right they may have more than one. Look for the best ecommerce hosting server to provide you with SSL, support for online security, digital certificates and several payment options for your customers.

If you want to be able to interact with your customers find an ecommerce host that has live chat options, guest books, customer feedback, and email marketing. Some of the best ecommerce hosting servers are priced below four dollars a month. There is a possibility that you can install free options so that you can run a business online, but the knowledge and features that an ecommerce web host will bring to your business doesnt make it worth your time.