Dedicated Web HostingLooking for a reliable dedicated hosting service? Dedicated web hosting, also known as dedicated server hosting or dedicated hosting, is a type of web hosting typically used by large, resource intensive websites or web applications. Many large businesses and organizations with websites that receive massive amounts of traffic require this type. With a dedicated hosting plan, the entire server (including all of its RAM, hard disk space, and CPU processing power) is “dedicated” to you, and only you. This is more expensive, yet a very effective & powerful solution for resource intensive websites. Some very large websites might even require multiple dedicated servers.

Best dedicated web hosting companies

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A2 Hosting – Advanced Dedicated Hosting for Better Control is a great choice for professional developers who want full control over their dedicated hosting. They offer a great value on leasing an unmanaged dedicated server. They also have managed plans as well with cPanel. We recommend them because of their solid performance, well configured plans, & reasonable prices.

  • Both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans
  • Unmanaged plans perfect for developers who want full customization
  • Great value – Compare their server specs with competitor pricing
  • Variety of dedicated hosting plans for both large and small businesses
  • Very friendly & helpful customer support via telephone, live chat, & email tickets
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring and Hardware Maintenance

InMotion Hosting – Powerful & Affordable Dedicated Hosting is one of best dedicated server web hosts on the market. They offer a wide variety of dedicated plans suitable for large websites and resource intensive applications. InMotion Hosting is recommended for their dedicated services because of their performance, reliability, features, & price.

  • Professional, high speed dedicated hosting
  • Variety of dedicated hosting plans for any need
  • Better performance & reliability compared to other popular dedicated hosting providers
  • Fully managed dedicated servers with cPanel & daily backups
  • Amazing performance for WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla
  • The best customer support you’ll ever receive via telephone & email
  • Recently upgraded hardware specs on all plans for enhanced performance
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring and Hardware Maintenance

InMotion Hosting dedicated plans start at $119.99 per month.

Bluehost – A Popular Choice for Dedicated Hosting is a well known web hosting provider and a popular choice for leasing dedicated servers. They offer 3 dedicated plans (standard, enhanced, & premium) suitable for most websites requiring a dedicated service. Furthermore, a revamped user interface and customer support make Bluehost a good choice for beginners who aren’t that tech savvy.

  • Solid performance for dedicated web hosting
  • 3 basic dedicated hosting plans suitable for most websites
  • An easy-to-use dedicated hosting account
  • Fully managed dedicated servers with cPanel & daily backups
  • Very friendly & helpful customer support via telephone & email
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring and Hardware Maintenance

HostMonster – Another Popular Choice in Dedicated Hosting is another EIG owned web hosting provider with dedicated hosting services. HostMonster is virtually identical to Bluehost with the same dedicated servers and pricing. Hostmonster & Bluehost are both located in Provo, Utah and share the same servers and data center. The only difference between these two dedicated service providers are in their names.

  • Solid performance for dedicated web hosting
  • 3 dedicated hosting plans suitable for most websites
  • An easy-to-use dedicated hosting account
  • Fully managed dedicated servers with cPanel & daily backups
  • Very friendly & helpful customer support via telephone & email
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring and Hardware Maintenance

Dedicated Server Hosting

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work?

When you purchase a dedicated hosting plan, you’re actually just leasing a server from the web host. You don’t own the server. It’s owned and maintained by the web host. This gives your business the power and flexibility of an in-house server, but at a more affordable rate. It’s advantageous since you don’t need to hire an IT guy, setup your own network, or take up precious office space. Your web host does that all for you and has your server completely covered!

Dedicated servers are listed as off-the-peg variants, but many hosts also offer custom hardware configurations. They may allow custom software set-ups and full root access, too. This essentially makes the dedicated server a fully tailored and bespoke addition to your in-house IT equipment. By renting the server from a host, you benefit from super-fast fiber links to the internet, plus all the security and backup provisions bundled with your plan. Your development team can deploy a website or application using precisely the same set-up as the staging environment they’ve been using, and can monitor/control every aspect of it once it’s in use.

Managed Vs. Unmanaged

When shopping around for a new dedicated hosting account, you may notice some web hosts offer managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. Managed is the most popular choice, in which you’ll most likely need. A managed account means your web host installs and configures all the required/recommended software you may need on your server. They also keep your software up-to-date, configure security settings, and maintain the server & software in a good working order. With unmanaged, only the physical server hardware is maintained. Essentially, you’re taking on full system administrator responsibilities, with support only for physical disaster or hardware replacement. It’s your job to prevent hacking, patch software, and install every application you’ll need.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

dedicated server with full resources

No Sharing

Sometimes sharing isn’t always better! With a dedicated server, you get everything your way and exactly how you want it. There’s no sharing of RAM, disk space, processing power, ip addresses or anything else. Furthermore, the only software running on the server is the software that you have chosen.
dedicated server faster performance

Maximum Performance

This combination of dedicated hardware and bespoke software set-ups offers potentially massive speed boosts, since you won’t be at the mercy of other customers’ poor coding and inefficient processes. Generally speaking, websites hosted on a dedicated server will load much faster and can handle much larger amounts of traffic, including spikes that may otherwise take a site offline.
dedicated servers offer better security

Better Security

Because your dedicated server is yours, you can lock it down very effectively, providing access only to people you have chosen. There are fewer risks of hacking, since you have complete control over access rights and permissions, making it a more secure environment for sensitive and business-critical applications.
dedicated servers offer full configuration

Full Control & Customization

As we’ve discussed, most dedicated hosting plans are highly customizable, too. You have the option of choosing the server configuration you want, and customizing its software, permissions and technical set-up. If you want to set up your server entirely to your own specifications, a dedicated box is the only way to go.

How much does a Dedicated Hosting Plan Cost?

Prices will vary, depending on the web hosting provider and the configuration of the physical server. A faster, newer CPU & additional RAM can easily bump up the price. Furthermore, managed servers will cost more as well.

On average, most dedicated hosting plans start around $100 per month. Be sure to use our coupons listed above so you can get a discount and make the transition more affordable.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Dedicated Server

How To Get Online logoIf you’re still not sure which dedicated web host is right for you, be sure to check out and compare the ones we have listed above. These are all well-established web hosts known for their reliable network and high performing servers.

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