Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Top Dedicated Server Hosts 2018: TRIED AND TESTED

Looking for the best dedicated server hosting? Stepping up to a dedicated server means that you’ve probably built up a fair amount of website owning experience.

However, the leap can still be daunting - you’ll be paying more, and you probably need to think about transferring a site you’ve worked hard on.

While you know your unique needs better than anyone, our lowdown on the top rated and cheapest dedicated server hosts will give you an excellent starting point for choosing which provider to trust your business to.

  1. Best Dedicated Server Hosting in 2018

  2. Why are these the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers?

  3. What is Dedicated Server Hosting and How Does it Work?

  4. Who Should use the Best Dedicated Server Hosts?

  5. Dedicated Server Hosting vs Shared Hosting

  6. Dedicated Server Hosting FAQ’s

  7. Top Dedicated Server Hosting: The Bottom Line

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in 2018

Let’s get right into the good stuff and uncover the top dedicated server hosts this year, which are based on our testing process.

1. InMotion: Free SSD's with unbelievable speeds

Running Intel CPUs and Unix/Linux systems, InMotion’s servers are ready for your customisation. Your hosting includes up to 4 hours, free of charge, with the company's in-house system admins to ensure your system is configured perfectly.
Support is based in the US, and all servers are brand-new. Choose between 500GB SSD or 1TB HDD.
Best for Slightly better for techie types, but if you're a novice, you shouldn't have any issues.
Host with InMotion
Price: $99.99/mo
Load time: 326 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~3m), email (~40m), phone (~5m)
Editor notes: Seriously powerful hosting that is perfect for big businesses at any size. Support is fast and knowledgable.

2. Bluehost: RUNNER UP. Outstanding dedicated servers

WordPress have recognised Bluehost’s credentials for a long time - adding the company to its list of recommended providers back in 2005.
This is a great choice of company if you are not so confident in your technical abilities, as they have a vast collection of tutorials, as well as a reliable support service. They are not the cheapest hosting provider out there, but they are a solid choice.
Best for Serious business owners looking for speed and direct support
Host with Bluehost
Read our full in-depth review
Price: $2.95/mo
Load time: 371 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~3m), email (~2h), phone (~5m)
Editor notes: Bluehost are very trusted in the industry due to their ability to adapt over time. Great support, fantastic server setup and very affordable.

3. Liquid Web: Smart choice for serious businesses

LiquidWeb stand out with their guarantee of 100% Uptime. Not only that, if they can’t keep their promise, you get 10x the amount of downtime credited back to you.
There are a range of plans available in the dedicated hosting category - including a custom plan for very unique needs. To top the excellent service, LiquidWeb guarantee to answer your calls for help within 60 seconds, or 30 minutes for emails. Now that’s fast!
Best for High traffic sites that need a secure and managed setup, without needing to worry about configuring anything themselves.
Host with Liquid Web
Price: $59/mo
Load time: 829 milliseconds
Uptime: 100%
Support: Live chat (~2m), email (~30m), phone (~3m)
Editor notes: Managed hosting is growing in demand these days and this lot have perfected their services to the point where you don't need worry about a thing.

4. HostGator: Some of the best load times around

Well-known in hosting circles, HostGator is one of the more experienced web hosting companies. You have a choice of Linux or Windows OS on your dedicated server and there is no setup fee at the outset.
While Uptime is a respectable 99.99%, some providers are claiming 100% so there is serious competition. With 8 plans to choose from, there’s bound to be a price level to suit you.
Best for First time bloggers, small businesses, eCom sites, forums. Anyone really that is just starting out.
Host with HostGator
Read our full in-depth review
Price: $2.75/mo
Load time: 625 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (~2m), email (~1h), phone (~4m)
Editor notes: I love HostGator, they are great in almost every area and perfect for most needs, their UI is easy to use, so awesome for non-techies.

5. Beyond Hosting: Incredible support and unreal speed

Beyond Hosting have been offering their well-planned services for over 10 years. Choose a dedicated server with this company and you’ll only pay for the services you need, making Beyond Hosting an excellent choice for small to medium sized businesses.
With cPanel, 1-click installs, managed hosting plans and an industry leading support service, this provider is one of the most user-friendly. We also love that the essential and complete packages feature automated daily backups.
Best for First time bloggers, small businesses, eCom sites, forums. Anyone really that is just starting out.
Host with Beyond Hosting
Beyond Hosting
Price: $49.99/mo
Load time: 317 milliseconds
Uptime: 99.99%
Support: Live chat (none), email (~20m), phone (none)
Editor notes: I've been using Beyond Hosing for a while now. The support is one of the best and pricing is spot on. Most importantly the speed is HUGE.

Why are these the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers?

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

All the companies featured in our dedicated server hosting comparison, offer, at the very least:

Excellent Uptime

It won’t be a surprise to hear that all our chosen hosting companies have Uptime that is above the industry standard of 99.99%. Unless you choose a host that's really bad, you won't run into many hosts that have an uptime guarantee less than that.

Great Support

Most providers offer support 24/7 but what sets our favourites apart is support that will REALLY help you out. They are quick to pick up, knowledgeable and effective.


Managed hosting? Potential for more disk space? Linux or Windows? The best dedicated server providers offer flexibility to suit a range of users.


Our top picks all have the dependability you need to forget about hosting problems and concentrate on growing your business. There's nothing worse than having to rely on terrible support or pathetic technology to fuel your business or blog.

Money Back Guarantees

All the companies on our list offer money-back guarantees (some better than others) so you can try their services risk-free. This means you can test drive, see how you feel and if you don't like it, simply get your money back... and yes, it really is that easy.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting and How Does it Work?

Dedicated server hosting means that the money you pay rents out an entire physical server just for your websites. A server is a computer whose only job is to process requests and transfer data to other computers on the internet, or a private network.

This type of hosting is more expensive than shared hosting because a shared server will usually be used by 100's of accounts at once.

This can cause services to slow down during busy times and will limit the amount of memory space each website can be allocated. Dedicated server hosting can also give websites the flexibility for growth and customisation beyond a shared setup.

The technology used for dedicated servers may also be more up-to-date.

Example Most shared hosting will use the cheaper and more old-fashioned HDD (Hard Disk Drive) technology. While you can still choose a HDD for your dedicated server, you can also spend a little more and go for an SSD (Solid State Drive), which is newer, faster and more reliable.

If you’ve had a website for a while and are ready to start adding functions like discussion forums, or complex surveying, a dedicated server will allow you to add custom scripts to manage these.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of dedicated server hosting.

The Good

Speed - with no neighbours to use up bandwidth and processing power, all the capabilities of the server go towards giving your visitors faster page loading speeds. Speed means conversions, so this is obviously a huge plus.

Customisation Potential - When you need to build a discussion forum, or implement a new checkout system, custom scripts are the answer. Because what you do on your dedicated server won’t affect others, you usually have much more freedom to make changes.

Scalability - Providers know that uptime is critical for their customers. With shared hosting there could be disruptions to service if you decide you need to scale things up. A dedicated server hosting package can have scalability built in right from the start, making things quicker and simpler when your business needs to grow.

The Bad

More Technical Know-How Needed - Being able to add custom scripts is one of the great things about having your very own server, but you will need a bit more technical knowledge to take advantage. Don’t panic if you’re not the most nerdy - there are options for managed hosting that will put a technical wizard at your beck and call.

Higher Cost - Having a dedicated server costs more. Obviously, you get what you pay for, and there are lots of advantages, but if cost is a deal-breaker, shared hosting may be better for you.

Low Bandwidth Users Beware - If you find a deal for unmetered, all-you-can-eat bandwidth that’s great! Or is it? Providers know that for all the sites that use massive amounts of bandwidth, there are many others using low, or below average amounts. BUT they’ll all be paying the same rate. If you don’t mind a changing bill, it may be worth checking if you really need unmetered bandwidth, as you could cut costs in the long term.

Who Should use the Best Dedicated Server Hosts?

Don't be too hasty, you might not even need a dedicated server for your site. If you can run your business, store or blog on a cloud host, or even a VPS hosted server, then you'll be saving hundreds per month. So do your research first.

Here are some reasons you might need to go dedicated:

PRO TIP The biggest reason anyone would want to choose a dedicated setup over shared or VPS is simply speed and resources. Sure the other stuff is good like security, management, support etc. But we all want a super fast and reliable server right?

Dedicated Server Hosting vs Shared Hosting

The best dedicated server hosting is used for websites that are ready for the next level. Because of the higher cost and increased technical knowledge needed, dedicated server hosting tends to be used by people who know that their site is going to be around for a while and has traffic statistics that justify the extra fees.

On a cheaper, shared server there may be 100's of accounts and 1000's of websites all taking up disk space and using up communal bandwidth to interact with visitors.

Quick Note If you choose a Solid State Drive for your dedicated server, there are no moving parts, so reliability is increased.

A dedicated server, on the other hand, has just one account - yours - allowing your site to use all the available bandwidth, disk space and processing power.

This means that your site won’t be slowed down by traffic spikes going to other sites, and you are often able to customise things to a much higher level than on shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting FAQ’s

We've done our best to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you can't see your question below, get in touch and we will get back to you with an answer.

Do I need much more technical knowledge to use dedicated server hosting?

Webmaster skills are needed to run a website on this level, but with all the best dedicated server hosts you can pay for managed hosting if you don’t have the necessary knowledge.

Things like security software and custom software will need to be handled either by you or the host, although there is much more control over a dedicated server.

Do I need a Linux or a Windows based server?

Just like your home computer, servers have an OS (Operating System). The top dedicated server hosting providers offer a choice between Linux and Windows based servers. Linux is the most popular and has more features used by web designers.

Unless you plan to use Windows specific applications, such as ASP Classic, Microsoft Exchange or MSSQL, go for Linux. You’ll be able to use custom scripts to add features that will make your website stand out AND work like a dream.

What is Managed Hosting?

Is managed hosting worth the extra cash each month? If you don’t have a lot of technical know-how, then the answer may well be YES. It all depends on how much you want to learn about running your server.

With a managed hosting package, the hosting provider is only a phone call or email away and will typically deal with problems related to the operating system, pre-installed apps, server setup and Control Panel issues.

Their agreement may not stretch as far as fixing any custom software you add, so check the small print if this is important to you.

Top Dedicated Server Hosting: The Bottom Line

Dedicated server hosting is often the next step in growing your business. Offering increased control and customisation, and better Uptime and reliability, your own server can take things to the next level.

You can use a managed package to help with the technical details, and custom scripts to really make your website functional and great to visit. If you know you’ve outgrown shared hosting - what are you waiting for? Choose a dedicated server hosting package today, and get growing.

Don't need dedicated? Take a look at our rundown of the best web hosts to see which other services you could use.