We are VERY interested in web hosting. So much so, that we’re constantly reviewing, rating and using several different types of hosting accounts to see what is the best on the market right now.

You could say we’re kinda obsessed with hosting. Our small team is dedicated to keeping on top of the hosting industry and making sure we deliver the most up to date advice so you can host your websites, blogs, forums, eCommerce sites or whatever else you like, with minimal hassle.

We will from time to time give advice on things related to hosting such as creating your own blog for example, but our main focus will always be hosting.

How we rate each site

One of the biggest parts of our site are reviews. Each review is in-depth and can take upwards of 20 hours collectively over several days to weeks.

Here’s what we do to make sure our reviews are thorough:

  • Support – Definitely one of the most important. We need to make sure the support is top notch, as most people know who have any experience with hosting, if the support sucks, then it’s a no-brainer to leave that host.
  • Price – A high price doesn’t always mean a good service or fast load times. This is why we compare pricing to quality of service, as well as everything else to see if it’s actually good value for money.
  • Scaling – How easy is it to scale up, when your site blows up? That’s a big factor for growing businesses and personal blogs.
  • Uptime/Downtime – Nobody wants a sporadic site that loads when it wants to or gives a 502 error when you’re trying to buy something. We take this into account also as a huge factor.
  • Features – The more features you have, the better your experience in our opinion. We delve into the control panels for each host to see what’s different or the same as others.
  • Speed – Big on the list for hosts to offer these days. How fast can it go! We speed test multiple pages at different times for several hours to push the boundaries.

So, why listen to us?

Well, we’d like to think of ourselves as experts in hosting, seen as though we spend every day doing something towards web hosting.

This makes us the perfect people to trust with your questions and even buying choices, whatever you need hosting for.

Combined we have over 10 years in the hosting field, so can help you with pretty much anything you need help on.

Get in touch

Have any questions that you are itching to get answered? Get in touch with us and someone will hit you back soon.